Our continued success as a company has come from an ever growing list of happy customers referring us to their friends and family. Below is a recent referral that sums up our reasons for success better than I can. –Glenn Fricker

Hello Flo,

As I mentioned while we were drowning on the golf course, we have a fantastic builder I would recommend for your upcoming remodeling project. Glenn Fricker built out home from the ground up but the bulk of his work is in remodels.

We so enjoyed our project with Glenn. As daunting as a building project is, he makes it very easy. He is an excellent communicator and keeps everyone informed. He doesn’t know the word “no” …if you ask for something he will always say “let’s see how we might be able to do it”. He is an excellent business man. By that I mean he is clear about what he expects, how he is going to meet your expectations and he follows through on everything. We really liked all of his subcontractors.

One of our favorites is the cabinet maker, Juan. He does terrific custom work and we get LOTS of comments on our cabinets and bookshelves throughout our home. After all the horror stories we heard about building a home AND after firing our first contractor we were thrilled to get a guy who did such good work and was so good to work with.

Oh, and did I mention that Glenn still responds to our every call even three years after the project is finished?

Cheers, Sally