Green Building

Recently I have expanded my knowledge of green building by completing the Green Building Certificate Program at Sonoma State University. What impressed me most about the green building program was the building science aspect of green building. The science of building has developed to the point that we can build new homes or remodel existing homes that are more energy efficient, have better indoor air quality, and are more durable. Staying up to date on these new building practices has become an important part of the construction business.

Because the green building field is so complex, I have developed a relationship with Hillary Ransom at Code Source/Code Green of Sebastopol, I now offer all of my new clients an evaluation of their project by Hillary at my expense, smaller jobs excluded. I decided to do this because I believe it is my responsibility to inform my clients of the options that green building sciences have introduced. Included in this evaluation is an explanation of the various government and PG&E rebates, tax write-offs and loans that are available.

I offered this evaluation, by Hillary, to my current clients, and after the evaluation we decided to pursue a Build it Green certificate for this home. What interested my clients was the potential value that this certificate might bring to their home if they decide to sell in the future. They also saw the value in many of the building practices that Build it Green requires and recommends.

Whether you decide to pursue a Build it Green certificate or not, the information provided in this evaluation will help us provide you with a quality product.
–Glenn Fricker